2022 Men's World Floorball Championships

For Go4Gold and IFF we have provided technical setup and in venue visual directing for the largest LED cube in Europe during the entire 14 days of the Championships. Using fan cameras and animations we have entertained fans at all 21 games in the brand new Swiss Life Arena in Zurich.

Date of realisation
November 2022

Project steps

Before event

By using technical tours of the venue and it's newly built technologies we have provided the event organizers with efective technological setup for the fan entertainment in the Swiss Life Arena during all games in Zurich. In coordination with Swiss Unihockey we have prepared graphical templates with automatic reading of game, tournament and player statistics.

During event

In venue we have directed all 21 games in 4 member crew. 4 cameras, broadcaster connections, graphical stations and other technologies have enabled us to entertain amazing fans with countless number of games, fan cameras, graphics and informations.

Largest LED cube in Europe!

We have connected our system into the biggest LED cube in Europe. Newly built cube from Samsung in the Swiss Life Arena is standing impressive 12x12x8 meters and uses more than 18 milion LEDs to provide the fans with the top visual experience.


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