Sparťák & Spartax

We have been cooperating with the HC Sparta Prague hockey team for several seasons now. Here, as standard, we have our two permanent animators in the costumes of the mascots Spartacus and Spartax at the games of the top hockey competition. A unique, one-of-a-kind hockey show in Prague, which is visited by several thousand fans every home game. Our animators participate in the pre-game shows, accompanying activities during the game, and they change their costumes, for example during the activity called „Finding celebrity“. For a little while, they already turned themselves into, for example Ron from Harry Potter or Zohan the hairdresser.

Among the inseparable projects of HC Sparta Prague are certainly the charity projects “Sparta pays tribute“, „Spartan blood“ and „Spartan five“. We also try to approach these projects in such a way that the fans take away a non-traditional experience with the mascot from these events. That is why we try, specifically for the project „Sparta pays tribute“, to dress the mascots in the uniforms of the security forces of the Czech Republic. In previous years, we dressed the mascots in the uniforms of the Czech Army or the Czech Fire Brigade, and the mascots were a great success not only among fans.

During the „Spartan Blood“ event in November, we dressed the mascots in surgical clothes, in which they visited blood donors together with the players during blood draws in Prague hospitals, the Fortuna Arena in Holešovice or the O2 Arena in Vysočany.

Our animators and mascots are also involved in partner visits, e.g. on Wenceslas Square in the VanGraff department store. You can also follow them on Instagram, where the mascots have their own account, which is loaded with their photos from the games, events, charity projects, and they share funny video reels.

Sparta Pays Tribute 2022

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